Excellence Made in Naples

Our story began almost a century ago, in a small artisan workshop, a time when every shoe was designed, produced and worked exclusively by hand: a few pairs, a lot of passion. Since 1950, thanks also to the help of the first machines, our production has grown and our constant research in the field of fashion has pushed us, step by step, to become who we are today, to look to the future to try to anticipate it. our mission is to produce sneakers and iconic models, for men and women, using only the highest quality materials, strictly in Italy. Indeed, in Naples, where it all began. We aspire to always offer a beautiful shoe, which knows how to be the right meeting between contemporary modernity and classic local artisan tradition that, for years, we have handed down as a precious art to be preserved.

“Research, innovation and craftsmanship”

We are constantly looking for novelties, but without ever forgetting the experience and tradition of the master craftsmen that made us who we are today. fashion and design.
Our main influences come above all from the street, we combine the minimal and clean geometries of the urban style with bright and vibrant colors, we love details, we add a personal touch to give character and personality. Because for us, style starts from the bottom.
Our goal is to create shoes that can accompany those who choose us every day, enhancing the look, adapting to needs and always guaranteeing maximum performance and an unmistakable style at every step.