Beatles Praiano

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It is the Beatles ankle boot belonging both to the world of the slightly rebellious man and to elegance in the office.

It is made to be worn in the coldest months of the year, the winter ones.

Thanks to the calf leather that covers you up to the ankle and the made in Italy Vib sole, it is the perfect brandy ankle boot both with tight trousers and a refined casual shirt and combined with the elegant dress of the freelancer .


Article: 58
Leather: CALF
Lining: CALF
Shape: A12
Bottom: VIB


Craftsmanship is the watchword.

Our products are handmade in Italy, with high quality materials. Each step of production is controlled by our artisans, expert shoemakers heirs to a long tradition in the creation of footwear and leather goods.

Bag processing

The "sacchetto" manufacturing method is a technique that allows you to create particularly comfortable footwear.

This manufacturing process according to the canons of the most authentic Italian footwear tradition involves up to two hundred steps that require great skill , experience and competence.